Cannabis Wellness Products for THC-Infused Fitness

As CBD products gain attention due to the medical benefits found by researchers, the other side of THC is also being studied deeply in hopes to find a positive light. Turns out, the addictive nature of the latter can be avoided if the cannabis product is not processed or heated. The raw form of THC is said to be THCA or THC acid.

The non intoxicating thcv gummies hype reached many fitness people for a good reason. There are studies indicating that if a CBD product has THC, it can still provide benefits such as anti-inflammation and relaxation if he/she is strong enough to overcome the addictive aspect.

THC-Infused Wellness Products

Yes, THC is the cause of the addictive nature of cannabis products. However, the amount of dosage greatly matters. In small amounts, it can be good enough to make yourself calm and focus better. That is why there are athletes that rely on such products. If you are looking for safe THC-infused products to help you in your fitness goals, try any of the following below.

1. Level Remedy 3:1 Blend

This product is a vape cartridge. If you vape on a regular basis, you can try this product for relaxation purposes. It claims to be able to help you sleep well.

2. Dixie Brands Synergy Cool

This cooling balm can help in decreasing muscle aches. It has a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Aside from aches, it can be used against dry skin, irritation, and cramps.

3. Papa & Barkley Releaf Soak

If you are looking for a cannabis product that can be incorporated while bathing, then this product is the perfect fit. It contains the usual components of a good bathing liquid plus the 3:1 ratio mixture of THC and CBD, which contains good skin treatment properties.

4. Rosette Wellness Level

Aside from relieving acute pain, this cannabis tincture can also boost anti-anxiety properties. It can be consumed directly or incorporated into meals and drinks.

5. Pure Ratios 1:1 Topical Salve

For easy pain relief without the chilling effect, this topical can be a great option. It contains a 1:1 ratio blend of THC and CBD along with botanical components such as arnica, calendula, and turmeric.

6. Sweet Releaf Extra Strength

If you need a much stronger topical in order to combat annoying pain, then this product can be of great help. It can deal with inflammation and chronic pain as well as skin conditions and sore muscles.

7. Stillwater Brands Ripple

These dissolvable tablets can be easily put in your drinking water and will then function as a workout drink. With a blend ratio of 20 CBD to 1 THC, this product can drastically reduce anxiety levels.

8. Viola Brands

This brand, which is founded by cannabis advocate and former NBA player Al Harrington, offers a wide array of cannabis products for fitness and wellness purposes. There are vape cartridges available and hundreds of strains that are backed by solid research.

The Key

The key always when getting all the nutrients without incurring side effects from a certain resource such as food or cream is moderation. If your goal is fitness, make sure you meet the allowable limit for consumption or usage of THC-infused wellness products.

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