The mytonic.ca is simply the province’s good health promotion strategy. Our main aim is to convince and encourage Columbians to make healthy choices. It is the best and most comprehensive health campaign program that is aimed at providing guidance for individuals throughout their stages of life.

The main areas the program requires you to concentrate on are:

  • Healthy living
  • Eating healthily
  • Fostering healthy communities
  • Parents resources

Ever since its establishment, Fit and Fashionable is dedicated to helping more and more British Columbians to line and make healthier choices. Our website is responsive and we have tons of resources and articles on healthy eating tips, healthy lifestyle initiatives, how to quit smoking, being physically active, and many more.

We also have parenting resources that are aimed at children of all ages. You can trust our experts to provide you with all the information necessary; from how to breastfeed to how to help teens overcome teenage challenges.

Fit and Fashionable is there to facilitate you with wellness data and health resources. If you are looking for tips to stay healthy, we are here to reduce every need.

What Are the Programs and Resources Run by Fit and Fashionable (Mytonic.Ca)?

  • Health prescription
  • Sense of alcohol
  • Healthy dining
  • Fit and Fashionable blog

Healthier communities