Meat and Alternation

Meat and alternatives are rich in proteins, vitamin B, and minerals. When it comes to minerals, they consist of magnesium, zinc, and iron. It is essential in your meal, but it does not have to take the size of the whole plate. The recommendation of eating well with Canada’s food guide is that adults should be served 2-3 of meat while teens and children 1-3 daily.

Measures of Serving

  • 175 ml of cooked legumes
  • 75g of lean meat, poultry, shellfish, or cooked fish
  • 60ml shelled seeds and nuts
  • Two eggs
  • 30 ml nut butter or peanut
  • 150 g tofu

Fish for Great Health

Cooked fish contains omega-three fats responsible for protecting the heart from diseases. Therefore, you need to include two meal guides of fish weekly.

Enough Beans

The health of Canada persuades its people to consume dried beans and lenticels frequently and healthy meat alternatives. It is going to decrease saturated fats and increase the intake of fibres.

  • Sodium matters in the meat and deli section
  • Frozen meals are always high in sodium
  • Rinse peas, beans, and lenticels before adding to the stew
  • Consider low sodium canned beans
  • Choose fresh meat, poultry, tofu, and fish.

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