What are the Benefits of Wearing a Sweatshirt While Exercising?

Wearing a Sweatshirt While Exercising

Does wearing a sweatshirt while exercising help you lose weight faster? Most people believe this to be true, and they are not wrong. Nate Green, for example, a famous American sports nutritionist, uses custom hoodies and sweatshirts to achieve extreme weight loss while exercising. However, note that weight loss does not automatically mean body fat loss.

Weight Loss is Not Equal to Fat Loss

Weight Loss

Though Nate lost a lot of weight (based on the weighing scale) by exercising with hoodies or sweatshirts, his fat percentage remained the same. That is because the weight that he lost consisted mainly of stored carbohydrates and water weight, which were immediately replaced when he drank water, ate meals, and stopped wearing hoodies while exercising.

Keep in mind that fat loss depends on energy balance. Therefore, the best way to burn and lose fat is by using more calories while consuming fewer calories at the same time.

Can I Expend More Calories by Using a Hoodie While Exercising?

According to research, sweat rate is not directly proportional to the number of calories a person burns. Calories are burned depending on energy output. Nevertheless, you can still gain benefits by wearing hoodies while exercising.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Sweatshirt While Working Out?

Although hoodies or sweatshirts are not the secrets to losing fat or burning more calories, they still have benefits to offer, such as:

It can help you warm up. If the gym or the weather is cold, a sweater will help you warm your body before a workout.

Hoodies can keep your joints and muscles warm during your whole exercise program to reduce your risk of getting an injury while increasing mobility and performance.

For people who have a hard time getting their sweat out of their bodies, a hoodie or sweater can help!

It improves endurance levels, nutrient delivery, and insulin sensitivity because it improves blood circulation.

Hoodies are more comfortable to wear than tight clothes or fabrics.

Is It Safe to Wear a Hoodie While Working Out?

The truth is, there are risks associated with exercise. For example, you could strain or sprain a muscle while lifting heavy weights, or you could experience dehydration while wearing a sweatshirt during exercise, and nobody wants that.

So, below are some tips to help you exercise safely while wearing a hoodie:

Listen to how your body feels. If you begin feeling lightheaded, nauseous, or dizzy, rest immediately and wait until the symptoms subside.

Wear a tank top or t-shirt under your hoodie, so you can easily remove it when it becomes too warm during your exercise.

Use a performance fabric hoodie. In that way, you can wash it quickly.

Make sure your sweatshirt fits you right. If it is too small or too big, it can affect your movements.

Always hydrate since you are going to lose water by sweating more. You must drink 8 oz of water per 15 minutes when doing an intense workout.


There are several benefits you can get when using a hoodie while working out. What matters is that you know how to do it right and safely. So, there is no harm in using a sweatshirt or hoodie while exercising. Plus, it is more comfortable! You decide.

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